To the flavor playground where burgers ain't just grub; they're a full-on sensory fiesta. We're talking top-tier burger vibes crafted with primo stuff and culinary wizardry. From that juicy first chomp to the epic crunch, our burgers are here to level up your munch game, delivering gourmet joy on every bun. it’s about to get wild in the burger game!

    Dive into a world where waffles are more than just breakfast – Our waffles are like a crispy-fluffy joyride for your taste buds. Our golden delights redefine the waffle game, with a perfect harmony of crunchy edges and pillow-soft centers, a crispy hug that melts in your mouth. From the first crunch to the last fluffy farewell, our waffles are a journey of pure indulgence. Get ready to experience waffle bliss – where crispy vibes meet fluffy highs.

    Get ready to vibe with our shakes is all like a flavor rollercoaster – starts smooth, hits wild, ends with a taste-bud high. These blends are the real MVPs, turning your average sip into a swagger-filled journey of creamy goodness. So grab a glass, hit repeat on the flavor beats, and let our shakes be the hype in your taste bud playlist – it's not just a drink; it's a whole vibe.

    sweet tooth squad! Get ready for dessert mayhem. Our treats aren’t just bites; they’re sugary journeys that take your taste buds on a wild ride. We’re whipping up flavor magic that’s not for the faint-hearted. From that first decadent nibble to the sugary mic-drop, our desserts are the VIPs of flavor town. It’s not just dessert; it’s a sweet symphony






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Bussin provides a fresh new take on the classic North American diner experience. With our signature pink colour and heart motifs, we’ve created a fun, inviting, and unique atmosphere unparallel to any other place in the city.
Our menu features the highest quality, freshest ingredients that make our food stand out and taste incredible… No, really… it’s that good! Our entire menu is also completely Halal. Every. Single. Thing. Even our bacon, It’s beef!

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Think pink

Eat Bussin

Get ready to feast on some serious flavor vibes! Jump into the culinary adventure with us and discover the art of good eats. Our passion for flavor is like your personal taste GPS, guiding you through tasty alternatives that turn every bite into a masterpiece.


Dine In

Roll up for a feast at Bussin's dine-in scene! No fuss, just good eats, cool vibes, and flavor-packed bites. No need for reservation – grab a seat and let the flavor adventure begin.


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Savor a Bussin' Escape - Hit us up on Uber Eats, DoorDash, or Skip the Dishes. Your flavor, your doorstep, your vibes – all delivered straight to you! No lines, just bites and bliss. Let's roll!"



Ready to roll with Bussin' on-the-go? Skip the line, snag your bites, and bounce. It's the ultimate flavor hustle – Bussin' pick-up, where fast meets tasty in every bite!

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Straight from the homies who know best – our guests. Peep these real reviews, the ultimate stamp of approval. No cap, just pure love


Wow. So glad I found this in our GPS while travelling through! You’ve got to eat here. The pink aesthetic is whole vibe and the food is literally “bussin”. I had the hot chick, and the burger was massive, the chicken was cooked perfectly, and the delicious sauce was dripping in flavor. The fries are killer, and shakes are packed with sweet treats. Wish we had one in Saskatchewan! Whoever the owner(s) are, are doing it right!

Rissa T


Such a cool and unique spot, LOVED our burgers! They were delicious, along with our fries. I had the Hot Chick and the spiral fries with the Cajun spice. My boyfriend had the Ring Fling with the poutine. We also had their milkshakes which were to die for. Definitely recommend trying, we'll be back to try their entire menu of milkshakes!!

Candace Clark


Went here last night, and wow. The wait was 10 minutes and the chicken was the most tender, delicious chicken, wrapped in a very fresh bun. The biscoff milkshake is to die for. Absolutely worth the price and any wait. Delicious, will be returning (sooner than later!)

Melanie Pagliaro


Bussin is amazing, especially for the price. You're crazy if you order from somewhere else and lose out on these delicious burgers.

Kevin Yahtsey


Very enjoyable atmosphere. Theming was great. The food was great- Those buffalo wings are amazing and they definitely did not feel scared about that sauce. Overall great place to go to!

Kien Stefan


Awesome service, very tasty burgers, and you have to try the Bussin Shake. American Diner style with a home grown Calgary vibe all the way. Highly recommend!

Cory Miles